Photographer, art director, and graphic artist Francisco (Cisco) Vasquez began his interest in photography in 2007 while traveling to Brazil with a group of established New York graffiti artists. Their talent, commitment, and accomplishments have long served as inspiration and influence.

His intentions to understand commonalities shared beyond physical and political borders, along with curiosity and empathy, drive his global travel and shape his body of work. In 2017, Francisco traveled extensively throughout Latin America to explore his Ecuadorian roots and identity—meaningful connection is the heart of his humanist approach and street style photography.

Based in New York, Francisco credits his travels abroad with having formed a deeper relationship with the dynamic and diverse city he calls home. 


  • New York State of Mind - Nocturna Gallery, Callao Monumental - Peru (2022) 
  • New York Responds - The Museum of the City of New York - New York, NY (2020)


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